Mickael Maddison
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The Biography

An entrepreneur providing internet services to customers worldwide, Mickael Maddison had a secret that would not be contained. A closet singer/songwriter, Mickael used his music as a way to unwind from the stresses of life. Writing, singing, and playing various instruments has long been a hobby of his; an outlet of creativity after spending so much of his time working in a crisp, logical business world.

In 2005 his wife suggested that he should record his music. Mickael met up with producer and sound engineer James Lipoth, who owned a portable studio setup, and hired him to record six of his songs onto CD. The intention of the project was to end up with some recordings to keep around and share with friends and family. What Mickael didn't realize is that this was the start of a new era in his life.

As the project progressed, Mickael learned that a local radio station, 97.5FM The River was doing a segment on local music. Not expecting anything, Mickael sent along a couple of the completed tracks to music director Tim Tyler. Before the CD was finished, Mickael was receiving regular airplay for “Drink” and “When I'm Free” as well as 2 on-air interviews. This is when he realized that the music was destined to be shared with the world and the CD was pressed and released as his Debut EP titled “Free” (2005).

Even with the release of the CD and ongoing airplay on a number of stations, Mickael consider performing live until a year later when he was invited to perform for Kamloops annual “Family Fun Festival”. Having never performed his music publicly, Mickael put his fears aside and with the help of friend and bass player, Jonathan Anthony, and recording artist and drummer, Dan Hum, the trio practiced for Mickael's first ever live performance in Riverside Park.

The performance went well and the trio went on to perform at various other venues over the next 2 years. A couple of the highlights include festivals like “Hot Nite in the City” in 2007 and in 2008 Canada Day in Kamloops and Kelowna.

In 2008 Mickael worked out an agreement with James (who was now living in Saskatchewan) to handle mastering process while Mickael took greater control of the recording process by recording the tracks himself. Using his computer and some inexpensive cutting edge electronics, he recorded the tracks in his unfinished basement, often while his family slept upstairs. Mickael recorded some of the instruments with his live bandmates and other musicians, and on two of the tracks Mickael recorded the songs using only his own performances for all the instruments.

The end result was released in November 2008. Mickael's 10 song album, titled “In Loving Misery...”, is dedicated to his late father and features a range of different song styles. Mickael mailed his CD off to a number of radio stations resulting in the songs “Sweet Misery” and “Molecules of Oxygen” receiving regular airplay on 97.5 and 98.3 FM in Kamloops, as well as airplay and rotation on 6 other stations in Canada. To date, Mickael has received confirmed airplay into New York and as far away as Ireland and is currently in the studio recording tracks to be released in 2011.
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