Mickael Maddison
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Music may have started out as just a hobby for local songwriter and musician, Mickael Maddison,

but ever since the release of the debut EP, "Free", things have taken off and he is learning first hand how to juggle two careers, a young family and success.

Maddison, a self-taught musician, chose Kamloops as the place to raise his family. "Kamloops is a great place to live," he said. From his home, Maddison also runs an international web hosting company. His knowledge of computers and sheer technical skill has been an undeniable asset in the quality and success of his album and accompanying videos.

Released June 20, "Free" features six tracks written by Maddison. He recorded the vocal and guitar tracks at home on his personal computer and sent them away to be professionally produced. Locally the album is receiving airplay on 97.5 the River and stayed in the top 20 for two weeks in September at 92.5 the X. Maddison said the diversity of rock on his album comes from a genuine interest in many kinds of music, from progressive rock to pop.

He also found time to record several videos and has them available to download on his web site. Maddison said the videos have been very popular and have received over 1,700 hits since August. "It's been alright. I bought a better camera for the next time around," he said. "I'm not trying to be Hollywood; I'm not trying to be MTV. I'm trying to say, 'Hey, I'm serious about what I'm doing and I'm putting this all together.'"

Maddison has learned how to utilize the Internet to promote his music. Through his company he has built a score of international contacts that have helped him with the distribution of his album. A radio station in Germany even contacted him to talk about his music. Thanks to his international contacts, "Free" is available in a number of countries.

His next goal is to record a full-length album. After that, Maddison plans to start working on a live show. "I want to avoid trying to have a full band," he said. A self proclaimed tech geek, Maddison said he wants to find ways to use technology to do a different kind of live show. "When I'm ready to do the live show, I will," he said. Until then, however, check out www.mickaelmaddison.com

The Local Scene - Mickael Maddison
by Robin Roste
oMega A&E Editor

Robin Roste, Thompson Rivers University OMEGA student newspaper
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