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Recording of new song "Downtown" nearly completed
Mickael Maddison NOV 09 Mickael Maddison
Mickael Maddison

Hey kids & folks,

I've been back at it in the studio.  Last Sunday afternoon, I was jamming with Chris; first time getting back into the groove after a couple months off.  It was great to be able to jump right back in and have things go so smoothly, which lead to a short but very effective recording session.  We started off with my new track "Downtown".  

I've been working on the recording of this song for the last few months so most of the song was done.  I've got Phil Maloney (Fighting for Ithaca) on drums, Chris laid down the bass, I've done all the rhythm guitars, José Zaldo is on bongos and Ben Jammin' Kosten pounded his djembe.

Since Chris has been playing lead guitar so the first thing we did was get that recorded and added to the rough mix. After that I did some lead vocals which I always find a little strange.  Normally when I write or perform I am playing my guitar but for a studio recording, vocals are done separately so they get my full attention.  For some reason it reminds me of the video for "We are the world" - yeah, from way back.

Anyway, after lead vocals we both did some of the backing vocals.  I think this was the most interesting part of the day as we were experimenting with harmonies; looking for something strong enough to be interesting but subtle enough not to distract from the lead vocals.  This was a blast!

Once we were done with the tracking for Downtown, we moved on to record a scratch track for "War & Oil" (I cannot wait to share this one) which I'll be using to try and get the drums sorted out.

 Later in the evening I did up a rough mix of Downtown and I think it's down to some minor edits before it's up to James to do his mixing and mastering magic.  I haven't heard much from him as I think his wife may be in labour at the moment... seriously!

So that's the latest update from me... what about you?  What's going on in your world?
Rock soon...

Mickael Maddison

Mickael Maddison

Mickael Maddison