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Nelsonic Pac-Man™ back in Grade 4
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Mickael Maddison
Nelsonic Pac-Man Wristwatch

Check out this totally off-topic story...

I overheard someone talking about kids in classrooms getting caught playing video games on their smartphones and I had to laugh. I had this same watch when I was in Grade 4.

I remember sitting in the back of the classroom with the volume all the way down. I was that kid and this was way before anyone could imagine a phone that's thousands of times more powerful than the lone Apple computer we had at our school.

Sure, the games today are a heck of a lot more interesting but I think if the watch hadn't fallen behind the dash in our Jeep, my kids would be getting a kick out of this today.

Thanks to www.HandHeldMuseum.com for having this image on their site.


Mickael Maddison

Mickael Maddison